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Intarsia Of

Monticello - Thomas Jefferson's homeplace - 2008
Depicting Monticello as it may have looked in 1800.
800 pieces, 17 different woods

Some Close-Up Details Of Monticello

Newest Projects

"The Lone Cypress" Intarsia

 These custom keepsake boxes are made from Brazilian Cherry( Jatoba) and measure 6" x 8" x 4". The Intarsia for each box lid is comprised of 36 pieces from 11 different woods. Box is finished with 4 coats of wipe-on satin poly and the Intarsia is finished with 3 coats of spray-on satin poly.
Woods used-- Background--lacewood, rope-maple, sky-tulipwood, sun- yellowheart, distant hills-cocobolo, water- blue mahoe, rocks- spalted beech, tree - palo santos, tree trunk- fishtail oak, gulls and shoreline- holly, weeds- lignum vitae.