How to make your furniture last longer

When we move into a new house we all want to settle in as fast as possible and feel as comfortable as we can. The only problem is that usually the moving process takes a ton of time and the furniture that gets moved finishes with some scratches, damaged parts, or even gets broken beyond use. So, when that happens you have to go down to your store and get yourself some new furniture that will compliment your new home.

The trick is to not spend thousands of dollars to get the best furniture that can complement your brand-new home with its unique style and class. Once you go shopping to some of the best furniture stores and get what you want it’s time to move it into your hose and settle it down. Now that you have settled in many people don’t think about their furniture for a foreseeable future, and even though most people live their lives like that, it’s not the best move if you want something to last you for ages. Remember when you were growing up and your parents had the same furniture for ages, and nothing was wrong with it? Those were the days, you might things, but the truth is our parents were taught to protect their things far more than we were.

If you have found your perfect furniture and you don’t want to replace it for at least a decade or two you must invest some time and money into protecting it inside your home. There are several ways that you can protect and prolong the life expectancy of your furniture and we will explore some of the methods that are most commonly used in households. For more info visit

1. Make bounds for animals and other potential enemies

First of all, we have to say that we love all animals and that we ourselves have some cats and dogs. However, when it comes to your furniture life expectancy the pets are your first enemy. If you want to have a longer life on your furniture, you have to set some bounds for pets and other potential factors that can damage your furniture with liquids or scratch it with some sharp objects. That means that animals should never be allowed on the couch or sofa, and coincidentally until the baby learns how to hold down their food, they should either be placed in their crib, or a double towel, or blanket should be placed under them if they are on the couch. Also, keep the eating at the table, more times than not knives during dinner time are the main damage dealers to sofas.

2. Put protectors on your furniture

The furniture you buy can also be protected with some additional furniture pads on the bottom or covers. The pads will protect both the floor and the furniture from scratching and the additional pads or covers will help you with sun damage or liquid buildup.

3. Don’t stress over replacing broken parts

When something gets damaged or broken make sure to replace it. ITs better for the overall health of the furniture if you fix the part that is damaged and put a new material of the same color there as that will keep damage from spreading. Stress less over the damaged part and focus more on how to repair it so it’s not visible as it can be.

John Henry